About Time

Start the conversation about your farewell

Talking about death is tricky. Is there one last wish you want to fulfill? What do you want to say before you die, and to whom? What music do you want to hear during the farewell? It is good to evaluate your life, not to postpone important matters and to think about the farewell and legacy.

About Time provides conversation cards — Table Talkers, to help to start the conversation with your loved ones. The Table Talkers consists of more than 100 questions and is divided into four themes. It is available in both printed and digital formats. The physical card deck consists of more than 80 questions.

In the About Time app are more than 100 relevant questions. It is possible to filter by theme and type. So you can decide for yourself what you want to talk about. You can also record your answers directly in the app. This can be done in both text and speech. The latter is especially valuable, because it allows you to hear the voice of the deceased again. In this way About Time lets death live a little more.

Design Effects was asked to participate as Brand Manager. With focus on UI-consistency in the app, website and condolance register. For this purpose I have set up a design system that functions as a framework for the various platforms and media.

Discipline: UI Design, Interactive Design, Visual Design
Tools: Figma, Miro, Design System