Aesthetic redesign

Companies must treat consumers fairly. There are rules for that. The ACM monitors whether companies comply with the rules. But if you know what the rules are and what you are entitled to, you can better defend your interests. ConsuWijzer helps consumers answer their questions.

ConsuWijzer is the government counter for consumers. ConsuWijzer is part of the Dutch Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM).

Based on a usability test carried out by ConsuWijzer for their site, Design Effects realized a redesign on various elements, maintaining the structure and general functionality of the website.

The homepage was experienced as very full. That is why different parts have been merged, arranged differently, or moved to other locations within the site. The content pages were poorly readable. On one hand because of a small font size, on the other because of a tight column structure. Also, the navigation was not always clear or consistent.

These important improvements, and dozens of other issues, have been addressed by Design Effects. The transfer to DICTU (implementation) was a set of visual designs (Sketch source files and Invision prototypes), combined with a description of the functionalities and a Design System.

Disciplines: Visual Design
Tools: Sketch, Invision, Invision, InDesign