Makes complex IT ecosystems transparent

Dynasource is a platform that makes the complex IT ecosystem transparent and easy to understand for everyone. It presents service provider capabilities and professional experience clearly so that companies and individuals within the tech industry can secure better opportunities.

DynaSource is not just a recruitment platform or a portfolio environment; it is so much more: it brings Microsoft specialists and companies closer to each other. It doesn’t matter which technology is used, or which company you are from or even if you work on a freelance basis; you can invite a specialist to a project and start working. Worldwide.

This complex platform requires an advanced structure and navigation, and clear design principles. Design Effects picked up the rough concept that was already available and fine-tuned the visual elements, designed the required pages with the necessary states, and developed new functionality, all in close consultation with the Product Owner and the Dev Team.

Disciplines: UX/UI, Visualisation
Tools: Photoshop, IcoMoon