Education Key Figures

Every student deserves a contemporary, safe and personal education. That is why Kennisnet supports schools with ICT. Kennisnet provides a basic national ICT infrastructure, advises the sector councils, and shares knowledge with primary, secondary and secondary vocational education (MBO).

Each Dutch Educational Institute (MBO-school) is required to give insight on several parameters (Key Figures). These figures tell new students and their parents all about the quality of the school, the offered education, or the percentage of students that graduated. The figures were, however, too complex for a layperson to understand.

In this pilot ‘MBO Transparant’ — an initiative of the Dutch Ministry for Education — Design Effects created a concept (as part of a scrum team) to present the Key Figures in an accessible and visual way. The concept was expanded with more functionality; comparing one school with another, or to the national average. The first ‘information layer’ presented to the user contains the overall figures and short explanations. This layer will mainly be consulted by students/parents. For school managers and Ministry staff, the in-depth content is provided in collapsible elements.

Discipline: Concept, Interactive Design, Visual Design
Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator