Designing several Business logo's

MarkYourMark (MYM) invents, designs, develops and checks concepts and delivers and improves sustainable projects. With a satisfied user as the highest goal, an enthusiastic customer as a result and a product to be proud of. MYM was born from the desire to develop digital products more flexibly and faster. This started small, designing simple tools. From there it has grown into a digital full-service agency that is widely deployable. MYM works closely with customers to determine which technical solution works best or how it can improve an existing product. Whether it's an app, website or calculation tool — MYM designs and builds that solution and ensures that it works well on laptop, telephone and tablet. Design Effects was asked to design the corporate MarkYourMark logo and to provide design support for the corporate website, that is build with Betty Blocks. New initiatives within MYM were born, like TestNote and Qlippo, and Design Effects provided the same design deliverables for these sites also.