Where need and experience comes together

Parent to parent support is an internationally known concept. In the Netherlands the foundation Parent2Parent was founded by parents of a child with a disability — inspired by an American initiative in Wisconsin. P2P is a national network where parents can ask their questions to experienced, trained support parents.

This project started as a pilot with the first goal; provide a website where profiles of Question and Support Parents can be matched in order to get in touch, in a compact, solid and scalable platform. Design Effects was asked to develop this platform from scratch — creating the visual identity, setting up user stories, designing interactions and the project manaegment for the technical development (in Adobes Business Catalyst).

The pilot went live half 2015. New functionality (e.g. an intranet and a newsletter) and a visual redesign was added end 2016.

Disciplines: Concept, Interaction Design, Visual Design, Technical Implementation
Tools: Illustrator, Photoshop
Platform: Adobe Business Catalyst