Starkon Industrial Products

Webshop for storage systems and transportation equipment

Starkon offers a wide range of storage systems and transportation equipment for Port and Offshore Cranes and other industrial equipment. In addition to a wide range of standard products, they are also able to supply customized solutions..

By looking closely at the work Starkon has done on projects over the years, they noticed that the same parts were needed on a regular basis. A perfect idea to further standardize these products in order to be able to offer them in a webshop. Of course with the option to deliver the products according to the customer’s wishes.
I started designing the custom purchase flows — from the customer ànd production perspective in April 2020. More details and page designs were added in the following months. Craft CMS in combination with Craft Commerce was used to implement a mix of standard and custom e-commerce functionality.

The webshop was ready for testing at the beginning of October 2020. Too many orders would now have too great an impact on the production department, a ‘silent lauch’ has been chosen so the webshop can grow steadily into a new business part within Starkon.

Discipline: Concept, Interactive Design, Visual Design
Tools: Figma, Miro, InvisionApp and Design System Manager