Falcker Asset Care Platform

Custom UX/UI design

Falcker is at the forefront of the digital revolution when it comes to digitizing and optimizing inspections within the petrochemical industry by using all modern technologies and making them work together.

Collecting and storing data with drones and robotics from assets is their speciality. With this data they give full insight into all clients assets from one platform, to perform inspections and plan maintenance programs.

For more than 7 years, the platform has been undergoing development. From Visual Inspection with drones to a complete Fit for Purpose of Storage Tanks (EEMUA and API).

In those past years, the focus of development was mainly on building a solid structure and functionality. The next step in further professionalization is creating a consisitent and user-friendly user interface that support multiple modules, devices, and client and user roles.

In Q1 of 2024, a start was made on restructuring pages and functionality within the platform, and designing a completely new visual layer. This includes a Design Library in Figma, and a front-end architecture that allows agility and consistency across modules and devices.

Disciplines: UX/UI, Visualisation
Tools: Figma
Platform: OutSystems